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Val Tuors

Val Tuors

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Val Tuors
The starting point to Tuors is Bergün. In a northeasterly direction, the side valley of the Albula Valley stretches for about 7 kilometers to Chants, where it divides into two further side valleys. To the Val da Ravais-ch and Val Plazbi. Up to the Ravais-ch - lakes you climb another 5 kilometers; to the very back of Plazbi at the foot of the imposing Piz Üertsch there are still about 4 kilometers from Chants.


The Val Tuors itself consists of seven larger and smaller settlements and is not inhabited all year round. The well-maintained access road to Chants is released in the spring after the snowmelt for public transport and remains open until the onset of winter in late autumn (parking fee at the payment point at the entrance of the valley). First of all, from Bergün you reach the residential areas of Tuors Davant and Islas, then Punts d'Alp and finally Chants, Naz, Chamarchet and Chaclauet.

From the beginning, if you hike or drive from Bergün to Tuors, immerse yourself in a wild, but scenically unique mountain valley. You will encounter a fascinating flora and fauna. From the stout mountain firs, larches and arvens over fire lilies, the Frauenschuh to the Alpenrose and the Edelweiss. A biodiversity like hardly anywhere else in Switzerland. And you will see ibexes, chamois, deer, the golden eagle and the many marmots in their outdoor activities.

Flowering alpine meadows, bubbling mountain streams and mountain lakes, mineral and sulfur springs and glaciated mountain peaks. The overwhelming natural beauty and tranquility are what makes you forget everyday life in Tuors.

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