• Toboggan run Preda - Bergün closes today (23rd february 2024) at 05:00 p.m.
  • 1st section Darlux open
  • The Filisur cross-country ski trail is closed.
  • The Bergün and Filisur ice fields are closed due to the temperatures.

New timetable toboggan trains from 29.01.2024 ➜





Timetable adjustment for toboggan trains

Ski areas Darlux and Tèct/Zinols

Skigebiet Darlux mit Ela Panorama
Enjoy skiing in the skiarea Bergün Filisur.
Skiglift (Copyright: Marco Hartmann)


Overview map

Here you will find an overview map of the ski area and the sledge runs in Bergün.

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Skigebiet Darlux

Skiarea Darlux. Operating Hours & Prices

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Skiglift (Copyright: Marco Hartmann)

Children Skiarea Tèct/Zinols. Operating Hours & Prices

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Bergün. Ski school

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Skifahren (Copyright: Marco Hartmann)

Comfortably to the ski areas.


The sports bus takes you comfortably to the ski areas. It runs several times a day between Bergün railway station and the Darlux valley station.

Skiglift (Copyright: Marco Hartmann)

Ski rental

At Mark Sport you will find the right equipment for your skiing day. The sports shop specialises in the sale and rental of sledges, toboggans, skis and snowboards.