• Toboggan run Preda - Bergün closes today (23rd february 2024) at 05:00 p.m.
  • 1st section Darlux open
  • The Filisur cross-country ski trail is closed.
  • The Bergün and Filisur ice fields are closed due to the temperatures.

New timetable toboggan trains from 29.01.2024 ➜





Timetable adjustment for toboggan trains

Guest Card

Advantage for guest lodging in Bergün or Filisur.

Culture and history enthusiasts

  • The hosts of Bergün and Bergün Filisur Tourism invite you to a guided tour of the village followed by a guest aperitif in the Bergün Kurhaus. Every Monday at 5.00 pm at the village fountain in Bergün (in front of the Volg) 08.01. - 01.04.2024

Connoisseurs and coffee drinkers

  • Hotel Rätia, Filisur
    Free coffee with every dinner

Bookworms and souvenir collectors

  • School and community library, Bergün and Filisur
    per guest card: free loan of one book
  • Bergün Filisur Tourism
    Arvenduftsäcklein. The scent of the holiday region.

Rail adventurers

  • Rhaetian Railway (Filisur guests only)
    Free travel (2nd class) between Filisur-Davos Laret and free travel on the VBD network (bus), with the exception of the following lines. Line 8, line 10, line 12/13, line 90.183
  • Rhaetian Railway (only Bergün guests)
    10% reduction on the journey between Bergün and Davos Platz, can only be purchased at the ticket office in Bergün.

Exercise seekers and the deeply relaxed

  • Mark Sport Bergün
    75 years of Mark Sport 50% anniversary discount "Love & Family" BERGÜNER carving toboggan double-seater rent 2 days - pay only 1 day
  • CLUB-99, Bergün
    20% discount on sledges / ski helmets / accessories
  • Sports bus
    Free use of the sports bus new: more stops and additional course
  • Children's ski area
    Free use of Pinocchiolift and magic carpet
  • Goat trekking
    Tea or coffee is offered free of charge