Kick-scooter ride

The racy pleasure on two wheels

Kick-scooter ride

In summer you can ride the Albula Pass road from Preda to Bergün on a kick scooter.

The Rhaetian Railway takes you to Preda in just 15 minutes and then it’s off back to Bergün along the 6 km stretch.

Great fun for all ages!

A good tip: Check out the construction of the new Albula Tunnel in Preda at first hand, then enjoy a kick-scooter ride back to Bergün.

Duration and requirements

  • The downhill run from Preda takes a good twenty minutes.
  • The road is open to traffic in summer. Kick scooters are classified as road vehicles in the same way as, say, bicycles; you are therefore required to observe the Highway Code.


Kick scooters are available for hire from Mark Sport in Bergün or Hotel Kulm in Preda.

Groups must make their reservations in advance.

Special descents from Chants (Val Tuors), from the parking lot God (Latsch), from the fountain in Stuls and from the Albula Hospiz to Bergün can be made on request.

Prices Scooter rental

Adults CHF 18.00 Children CHF 14.00 Rental helmets (recommended) free


Mark Sport Bergün
Tel.: +41 (0)81 407 11 65


Hotel Kulm Preda
Tel.: +41 (0)81 407 11 46

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