• Hiking trail closure: For safety reasons, the following hiking trails are closed: Heidi's Mountain Trail (Stuls - Runzolas - Falein - Pnez - Stuls) 







Sommerangebot Scooter

Scooter Ride Val Tuors

Trottinett Ride
With the scooter from Chants to Bergün This scooter excursion offers the perfect mix: first you hike through a beautiful mountain landscape and at the end you whizz on the scooter from Chants through the wildly romantic Val Tuors back to Bergün.

Duration and requirement

The descent from Preda takes a good 20 minutes. The road is used by traffic in summer. The scooter is considered a traffic vehicle like a bicycle and has to obey the traffic rules.

Prices scooter rental

Adults: CHF 18.00

Children: CHF 14.00

Helmets for hire: (recommended) free of charge

  • Reservation for groups is necessary

Special departures from the God car park in Latsch and from the fountain in Stuls to Bergün can also be made on request.


Mark Sport AG Bergün
Tel.: +41 (0)81 407 11 65

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