• Via Romantica (Jenisberg-Filisur) will be open from May 18th, 2024
  • Hiking trail closure: For safety reasons, the following hiking trails are closed: Railway Adventure Trail (Preda-Bergün) and Heidi's Mountain Trail (Stuls - Runzolas - Falein - Pnez - Stuls) 
  • Grid interruption - power outage May 27 and probably June 6, 2024








Operation Sportbahnen Bergün from 04.02. - 24.03.2023 for tourers.

Operation chairlift during the winter season

We now offer tourers the possibility to ride on Darlux from the beginning of February until the end of the season by appointment at 08.00 am with all sections.

Operation chairlift after the winter season

From March 13, 2023 we are working on Darlux on the revisions of the facilities. For touring skiers we offer the possibility to come to the mountain in the morning. Driving possibilities exist in principle only during the week (no weekend operation), and we ask for telephone registration until the day before 15.00.


                                      Piz Darlux                La Diala/SnowHill

Adult                             CHF     26.00          CHF  16.00

Teens / Seniors         CHF      23.00          CHF 14.00

Kids                             CHF      15.00          CHF 10.00


Daily 04.02. – 13.03.2023
All sections incl. ski lift Piz Darlux 2‘575 m.ü.M.

Monday – Friday 13.03. – 24.03.2023
First section to Pros da Darlux (La Diala) 1‘977 m.ü.M.

Time / Meeting place / Registration

  • Ascent 08.00
  • Meeting point Darlux valley station 07.45 hrs
  • Registration the day before until 16.30
  • Ride from min. 5 persons


SBA Sportbahnen Bergün AG
Tel.: +41 (0)81 407 12 56