• Toboggan run Preda - Bergün closes today (23rd february 2024) at 05:00 p.m.
  • 1st section Darlux open
  • The Filisur cross-country ski trail is closed.
  • The Bergün and Filisur ice fields are closed due to the temperatures.

New timetable toboggan trains from 29.01.2024 ➜





Timetable adjustment for toboggan trains

Biotope Preda

Natural forest Crap Alv - Ervedi

Naturwald Crap Alv - Ervedi
The natural forest reserve is located between Preda and the Albula Pass at an altitude of 1800 to 2200 m above sea level. So far up, the vegetation period is short and mountain pine and larch pine forests grow.


Shady locations are cool all year round, while open locations are exposed to major temperature fluctuations during the course of the day and year. Under these conditions, a diverse mosaic of habitats has formed, with areas where the forest is completely absent. An optimal habitat for black grouse. The forest has not been used since 1951 and has been protected as a natural forest since 2015. The natural forest also includes three raised bogs of regional importance. Rock bands and walls of limestone and dolomite run through the area, while crystalline glacier humps dominate the landscape in the central part.



Preda, Hotel Kulm/Train station


Natural forest Crap Alv - Ervedi

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