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FiliTour Nr. 12: Chesa Cuminanza

Chesa Cuninaza, aktuelles Bild nach dem Brand
Chesa Cuminanza

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Am 17. Dezember 2015 wurde das Haus Opfer eines verheerenden Brands.
FiliTour No. 12: Chesa Cuminanza


Fabulous history

To this day, the legend circulates that this house used to be a small monastery for monks or nuns. In order for them to be able to reach St. Martin's Church in Süesswinkel directly, an underground passage was dug from the house to the church. The proof was supposedly provided in the 1940s. When the village road was paved, the road collapsed at the place where the presumed access was.

A devastating fire

The house now belongs to the architect Theres Projer. In 2012, she renovated the right part of the house in cooperation with the monument preservation department. The rococo window surrounds with garlands and flower vases were repainted in subtle colours. Vases with flowers stand for the Tree of Life, the symbol of creation and eternal life.

Unfortunately, the right part of the house burned down completely on December 15, 2015, and the left part of the house was severely damaged by the extinguishing water.

In the audio , Theres Projer talks about her passion for old houses and the hurdles she had to overcome as a newcomer and architect in Filisur. The audio was recorded before the fire. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.  

Audio Guide

Chesa Cuminanza


FiliTour Nr. 12: Chesa Cuminanza

Dorfstrasse 61/63, 7477 Filisur

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