Naturlehrpfad Bergün/Bravuogn

Energieweg 05: Dauerleister Wind

Windrad zur Energeigewinnung für die Kesch-Hütte.


In the hut not only energy is needed for cooking and heating. Light, vacuum cleaners, beer cooling, washing machine, fire detectors and others also require energy in the form of electricity. 

The electricity is supplied by the wind turbines installed in summer 2011, by the photovoltaic elements in the hut façade and on the roof as well as by a turbine in the water pipe. The new hut building from the year 2000 is so well thought out that the operation of the Kesch hut does not need more electricity than a four-person household - and that with around 5000 overnight stays per year! 

But the production of energy is only the beginning of the solution. It is more difficult to store the energy produced and to meet the fluctuating energy demand. In the audio report, Reto Barblan tells you how the energy is stored and why the wind turbines play a central role in covering the peak consumption. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 

The next interesting place "The first hut" is at the wooden board at the old hut.

Audio Guide

Dauerleister Wind


Energieweg 05: Dauerleister Wind

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