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  • Toboggan run Preda - Bergün can be reached by regional train 38 served hourly
  • The Filisur cross-country ski trail is closed.
  • The Bergün and Filisur ice fields are closed 





Nature Trail Bergün/Bravuogn

Energieweg 04: Niederschlag und Klimawandel

Der Porchabellagletscher, rechts der Piz Kesch.
Niederschlag und Klimawandel
Energy Route 04: Precipitation and Climate Change


From here you have a good view of the Porchabella glacier. Since 1850, it has become 1.5 km shorter - an impressive testimony to global warming as a result of our increased energy consumption.

But it is not only global warming that is causing the glacier to retreat. In the audio report, climatologist Franziska Siegrist tells you what else is causing problems for the glacier. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.   

At the next interesting place "Dauerleister Wind" near the wind turbines, you can learn more about the electricity production of the Kesch-Hütte.

Audio Guide

Niederschlag und Klimawandel


Energieweg 04: Niederschlag und Klimawandel

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