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Nature Trail Bergün/Bravuogn

Energieweg 03: Holz für den Magen

Die Essenszubereitung auf der Hütte benötigt Energie.
Energy Path 03: Wood for the stomach


Now you are standing in front of the old donkey stable. Today it serves as a wood store, because although the Kesch hut produces 3/4 of its own energy, additional energy is needed in the kitchen for cooking and baking.

The team of the Kesch-Hütte cooks with wood and gas. To do this, it consumes around 2.5 tons of wood and 100 kilos of gas annually. These two energy sources account for 1/4 of the total energy consumption of the hut and are flown into the hut by helicopter. This requires about one flight per year. Helicopter flights themselves consume a lot of energy: 159 liters of kerosene per flight hour.  The transport of wood and gas therefore requires about 2% of the annual energy requirement of the Keschhütte. 

Other flights bring food to the hut. After all, guests in mountain huts today expect a certain luxury such as a varied warm meal and cool drinks.

The next interesting place "Precipitation and Climate Change" can be found at the big stone. Follow the clothesline behind the stable to the last post.


Energieweg 03: Holz für den Magen

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