• Hiking trail closure: For safety reasons, the following hiking trails are closed: Heidi's Mountain Trail (Stuls - Runzolas - Falein - Pnez - Stuls) 







Biotope Bergün/Bravuogn

Bergüner Stöcke

The Bergünerstöcke with the peaks Piz Mitgel, Tinzenhorn and Piz Ela are located in the centre of the nature park. In this majestic mountain landscape, the Ela and Orgelpass connect the main valleys of the nature park, the Surses and the Albula Valley.


A barren area: debris moraines bear witness to former glaciers and garland soils from permafrost. In former times, long before the glaciers dominated the area, the shallow banks of the primeval sea Tethys lay here. It was inhabited by dinosaurs, whose tracks were discovered as footprints in the rock in 2009. At over 200 million years old, these dinosaur tracks are the oldest in Switzerland. The Orgel- and Elapass can be reached from Bergün or Savognin in a hiking time of 5 hours.


Bergüner Stöcke

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