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Reading Benches Bergün and Filisur

Literature in the open nature

Reading Bench Bergün

Short reading break for young and old

In the beautiful book box made of Swiss stone pine wood there are works in Romansh, some of them bilingual, others German. These books deal with the local culture and language, the Bargunzeñar. Even small book lovers will find something to read, look and listen to.

The books are exchanged regularly.
For remarks, questions and suggestions the red booklet is available.

Fer eña posetta creativa par pitschen e grond

Eñt la chascha da cuedaschs an dschember as chattigl ovras rumantschas, bilinguas, cuedaschs sur digl rumantsch e da cultura e lingua da Brauegn, igl Bargunzeñar. Er par unfants dattigl bgler da garder e tarler.


The book box is filled all year round.


The offer is free of charge.


The book box is located on the outside wall of the old sauna near the Cumpuegna outdoor pool.

Thank you for treating the books with care.


Cumünanza Culturela Pro Bravuogn
Chant da Farrer 113A
7482 Bergün/Bravuogn
Tel.: +41 (0)81 407 12 77

Reading benches in Filisur

Reading time: a precious commodity

An Arab proverb says that a book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

In keeping with that motto, Filisur has set up four reading benches, inviting guests to rest up for a while, browse, and read.

Next to each bench is a box containing illustrated books, non-fiction books, children’s books, comics, magazines, and novels of all kind. You can also jot down your own personal comments about the books in the notebook provided.


The reading benches are located at the following sites:

  • in front of the Filisur library
  • at Rosascs
  • at Schönboden
  • at the Filisur playground


Book boxes available from mid-May to October

Further details

The boxes are regularly checked and updated by a member of the library staff. Please take good care of the books – thank you!


This offer is free of charge.


Schul- und Gemeindebibliothek Filisur
Chesa Jenatsch
7477 Filisur
Tel.: +41 (0)81 420 41 65