Naturlehrpfad Bergün/Bravuogn

Energieweg 07: Bakterien fürs Abwasser

Funktionsschema der Kläranlage.


In a hut with 5000 overnight stays per year, in addition to the energy requirement, the disposal of the wastewater is also a challenge. To the right below the path you can smell and see the biological wastewater treatment.

What you leave behind at the quiet place first gets into the preliminary clarification below the four sinkhole lids. In the pre-treatment tank, the wastewater flows so slowly that solids and sludge of the wastewater settle. 

After that, the wastewater enters the drip filter. The 7 meter deep, gravel-filled basin is located under the boards. The wastewater is finely sprayed over the gravel and flows slowly over the gravel stones. The microorganisms living on it absorb the dissolved contaminants as food from the water and thus purify the wastewater.
In the secondary clarification tank under the round metal lid, the microorganisms carried by the drip filter settled at a slow flow rate. The treated wastewater is discharged via the overflow to the meadow. The sludge from pre- and post-clarification is removed once a year, dried and distributed below the plant.

Now go to the last interesting place "Ice melt and brazen shepherds" on the terrace. There you have time to recharge your batteries and observe and hear all sorts of things!


Energieweg 07: Bakterien fürs Abwasser

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