Summer series: It hums and surges in the dry meadow

Biologist Regina Lenz talks about the unique diversity of insects in dry meadows and farmer Flurin Falett introduces you to the technique of insect-friendly scythe mowing.


07.07.2021 from 17:00 to 18:30 o'clock
Price Alle Veranstaltungen im Rahmen der Sommerreihe sind kostenlos und mit Kollekte.

On a visit to the colorful flowering meadows in Bergün you will learn why it hums and buzzes in dry meadows and get to know the insect diversity in this habitat. Afterwards, you can try your own scythe mowing - a particularly insect-friendly mowing technique. This event is part of the summer series "Insect Oasis Parc Ela". One third of all known insects in Switzerland live here. The fascinating six-legged friends are also present in culture, art and work. At the events of the summer series, get to know the insect oasis Parc Ela from a wide variety of angles. Every Wednesday during the summer holidays, locals give an insight into their work for and with insects. The subsequent aperitif offers the opportunity to discuss the fascination and importance of beetles, bees and butterflies.


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