Event Bergün Filisur

Natural history excursion through the Landwasser Valley


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Colourful rocks in the stream bed of the Landwasser bear witness to the turbulent and diverse geology of the Davos landscape. Along the Zügenschlucht these rocks are portrayed individually.

Filisur Station

Bahnhofplatz 1, 7477 Filisur


05.06.2022 from 09:15 to 16:50 o'clock
Price CHF 50.- per adult I CHF 30.- per child
Zeit pure hiking time 4 hours

further dates for groups on request

Meeting point: Filisur station
Ort Filisur Station

The pioneering achievements of the engineers and builders can be admired today on the Alte Zügenstrasse and along the railway line. The Wiesener Viaduct of the RhB is particularly fascinating.

From Station Wiesen we dedicate ourselves to the pine and spruce forests and the various habitats of orchids, namely the Lady's Slipper. Orchids delight with their flower structure and their way of life. No other plant family is able to attract insects in such a variety of ways and thus ensure pollination. On this foray through the lower Landwasser Valley, you will gain insight into an amazing natural and cultural landscape.


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