Fruit tree pruning course - more than easy cutting

The participants experience and deepen their knowledge of fruit growing and are enabled to independently cut and care for fruit trees.

If possible, the trees of the course participants are cared for.


27.11.2021 from 09:00 to 16:00 o'clock
Price CHF 70 per person, incl. course materials

Most of the fruit trees in Parc Ela were planted by our grandfathers. The trees will thus disappear in the next twenty years for reasons of age. With the disintegration of the stock, the knowledge of the many varieties and their processing, as well as the cider factory, the dehydrator, the distillery and the tree guards and thus the jobs disappears. In order to stop this development, about two hundred new fruit trees have been planted in the last ten years, there are annual educational offers such as pruning courses, further training for farmers and recently the opportunity to process the fruit into musts and the juice into sweet must. Help to preserve and promote biodiversity in Parc Ela.

Course location: open

What to bring: pruning shears, saw (foxtail), weatherproof work clothes.

The course takes place in all weathers.
Lunch and drink individually.
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Registration deadline: Friday, 23 November 2021


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