Naturlehrpfad Bergün/Bravuogn

Expedition 15: Die Kraft des Wassers

Der Bach verändert ständig die Landschaft.
Im Winter bleibt den Niederschlag als Schnee liegen.


The loose rock material that once lay under the glacier is a found food for the sprawling meltwater stream. The water of the Ava da Salect stream carries sand, gravel and stones with impetuous force and causes banks to collapse. However, as soon as the water flows into the Sander and branches, it loses power. Sander refers to the wide area in front of you. There, the water unloads stones and gravel again, forms sandbanks and fills hollows. The young landscape is constantly changed by the water.

In the audio you will learn the importance of the glacier stream for agriculture. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures. 


Now follow the main stream down this side. Try to stay as close to the shore as possible to protect the delicate vegetation and avoid the fine debris hills. Beware of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall: The stream can swell quickly!

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Expedition 15: Die Kraft des Wassers

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