Naturlehrpfad Bergün/Bravuogn

Expedition 03: Wahre Pioniere

Die Spalierweide wächst dicht am Boden.


Is it winding right now? Then lie down on the floor. Do you notice the difference?

As protection from the wind and to use the heat of the soil, plants such as the espalier willow in the picture grow as flat as possible on the ground. The flowers in the glacier forefield also know how to protect themselves against high evaporation and intense solar radiation.

Pioneers are the plants that are the first to colonize raw soils such as this glacier forefield. They are true mountain specialists and adaptors and defy the harsh climate and barren soil. Take a look around, in close proximity you will find various survival strategies such as cushions, rosettes, espalier plants and also an example of asexual reproduction.

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Expedition 03: Wahre Pioniere

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